At Your Service.

Jeda Media Group is a full-service creative agency in the beautiful Northwest USA. We provide complete media planning and campaign development, in-house graphic design, video, audio production and digital media (social media). Our mission is to help you deliver an outstanding message with incredible results.

Analyze. Create. Deliver.

Start with a plan. Research. Analyze. Create. Deliver.  At Jeda, we collaborate with our clients to create a successful branded campaign that achieves intended results. The name, the art design, the message - it all supports a strategic plan, considers a market trend, targets a key demo and charts the direction for your businesses success.

Full Rich Media.

Jeda Media Group delivers high-definition, 4K to 8K content for television commercials, web applications, broadcast programs, infomercials, interstitials, corporate video and promotional videos. We have a team of qualified producers, directors, editors, motion artist, audio engineers, production coordinators, gaffers and grips.

Share/Like This!

Social media is the fastest growing advertising medium today, and at Jeda, we’re on the forefront. From e-blasts, online display, remarketing, texting services and search engine optimization (SEO), to pre-roll and post-roll viral video advertisements, we optimize the social media campaign that best meets your specific requirements with complete analytics reports.


Our studios offer advanced mixing and audio mastering services to enhance your project.  Jeda has on-site professional sound booths, Foley mastering studios and manufacturing facilities for reproduction. From interactive media and project management services to working with collaborating audio teams, we handle the complete pre-production and post-production process.

Beyond Point and Click.

Jeda Media Group offers a variety of still photography options to complement your media campaign, from location shoots, studio sets, and product shots, to employee portfolios, interiors, and exteriors. Canon Cinematic and L-Series prime and zoom lenses, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III and 1DC systems are available, as well as large format options when necessary.

We Do That Too.

Print advertising is a very effective way to profile your organization. Business cards, forms, banners, billboards, brochures, in-store collateral, apparel, small and major direct-mail pieces, Jeda Media Group produces every aspect of your campaign. We combine powerful creative imagery and enticing copy to produce print advertising campaigns that get attention.

The Visual Voice.

Jeda Digital Signage (JDS) provides a networked solution for businesses in hospitality, tourism, medical, restaurant, retail and finance industries.  We customize a richer, interactive experience for our clients’ audiences, communicating through on-site media that is relevant to their client demographics.  JDS provides a complete solution, from HD players and professional LED TV screens to next level HD 1080P and 4K content.